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Thing you don’t know about Mumbai escorts services

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There is lot of difference between prostitutes and escort service. In escort service you will generally found high level and attractive women to your service. It can be hired for any of the service including dinner, drink or sex. But the ratio of hiring girl for the sex is lesser than other services being paid in escort. These are few things about escort service you may be not unknown about.

Thing you don’t know about Mumbai escorts services

Escorts are judged according to ratings on internet

We generally believe on the ratings and reviews of the services present on the internet. It helps to know about either the service is genuine or not. Like other services escorts are also rated on the internet for the effectiveness of the service to the client. There are few websites like, and which presents ratings of the escorts. Here you can avail ratings of the female escorts in Mumbai and all other major cities. One can use these ratings for the purpose of reference and to know about reality of the services. At you can also leave a testimonial about the girls after availing their services.

Thing you don’t know about Mumbai escorts services

Escorts can make excess amount of money

Unlike other services Escorts are known for getting higher pay out. Escorts can make excess money through the effectiveness of the services they offer. They charges according to the rate of hour and the type of services client has demanded. One can avail some special services like skills and fetishes which need to pay more money than general services and through this services escort can earn quite well.

Escorts has their own code language

Thing you don’t know about Mumbai escorts services

Nowadays laws and rules are becomes very strict and hide from any explicit escorts use some coded language. It helps to keep their services related to the sex secret. This is common practice amongst the escort to work with such a languages that can be beneficial for them to work in the area where there are strict restrictions regarding such things. They develop some codes language and use it frequently during the service.

There are different services provided by the escort in different country. If we talk about the escort in Parel area, then it is high-class area having attractive and safe reputation. It is always convenient from the prostitution and this is a reason it has become safer choice of men. It is always advisable to check either that service is genuine or not to make sure about reliability of the escort.

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