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The Major Challenges of Mumbai Escorts

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Escorting is termed as one of the oldest profession. And just like any other profession, escorting also has its own challenges which sometimes might be very inconvenient at times. Some complain about low pay, working for longer hours than expected, being overworked and many more. However the challenges faced by female Mumbai escorts are totally different from any other career. There are two major types of escorts which are independent escorts and those that work under agencies. Though these escorts face the same type of challenges, there is a big difference in their intense and ease of occurrence. This is because; escorts working under agencies are more protected than independent escorts.

The Major Challenges of Mumbai Escorts

It is the pride of every employee to see the success of their career. This is not different when it comes to escorts. Their pride is normally when they serve their clients and get positive feedback in return. However, their lives would never be complete without the support from the society. Below are main challenges that affect the self esteem of an escort:

Social stigmatization of Mumbai escorts

In many religions and our cultures sex is termed as clean and sacred. For that reason anyone who involves themselves in sex work is termed as an outcast. The stigma that follows this stigmatization forces a number of female Mumbai escorts as well as social workers denounce this career. What affects escorts more is not the other challenges they face in their daily activities but the people’s judgment and stigmatization. These escorts either end up living in secret or keep shifting from one place to the other. These girls live with so much shame and pain for just walking in a path that very few people would dread walking on.

The Major Challenges of Mumbai Escorts

Half the time, these female escorts cannot even be able to share with their friends about their disappointing day at work. This stigma has pushed many independent escorts in Mumbai into split identities and self-denial. When we become female escorts, we accept the certainty of the profession with its challenges. We should therefore not be forced into embracing the gist and experiences written by others. There are always rumors about these girls and their sexual health status. You must read the post about myths surrounding vaginal sex before setting up a mind for this.

The Major Challenges of Mumbai Escorts

Being harassed by clients

Although escorts working under agencies are normally not affected by this, many independent Mumbai escorts have suffered victims of their clients. This is as well associated with the assumption that escorts have no rights and can therefore not be protected by any government. MEH Agency is such an agency with website that always protects their escort anyhow.

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