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Mumbai Escorts: How to please your man in bed?

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The quest for women to be fantastic in bed rages on. Every woman wants to be all her man wants for eternity. Men are fleeting beings who are easily distracted. Wherefore, there is no shortage of material on how to please your man in bed and keep him by your side forever. For the sake of being accurate, there is not exact science for keeping your man interested in you forever. A man will only stay in a relationship if he wants to and not because of any theatrics or otherwise that you may or not perform in the bedroom. Accuracy aside, here are tips on how to please your man in bed according to the experts of bedroom matters, escorts.

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Mumbai Escorts Should Take control once in a while

Much as men like to be dominant and macho in the bedroom, occasionally they enjoy being the submissive party. According to Lorna, an escort in Mumbai, the business of dominatrix is always booming because there is a big percentage of men who like being dominated.

We are not asking you to be a dominatrix, no; we are suggesting that once in a while you take the reins. Be naughty, find a sexy outfit and try out some new tricks. Do a little strip tease and be playful. Your man will be intrigued by your refreshing naughty side.

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Praise him

Even if he doesn't seem to need it, according to you, do it anyway. Men love to be praised on their bedroom prowess and complimented on their body. It makes him feel attractive and appreciated which in turn translates to more fireworks in the boudoir. Keila, an independent Mumbai escort says a man who feels sexy is the greatest partner in bed. When you compliment your partner on his body and whisper sweet nothings about what you want to do or what you want him to do, it is a huge ego and libido booster. He feels more confident in bed and he feels the need to live up to the pedestal you mount him on.

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Don't be a prude

Shy, stubborn women are a real downer when it comes to bedroom matters. When you are a prude, your man feels shackled and muffled and if he can't act out his fantasies on his partner then he will eventually find someone more flexible. Hellen, a female Mumbai escort says her married clients come to her because they don't get the kind of sex they want at home. Wives are too preoccupied with their careers and children to really pay attention to their husbands. If women would just be a bit more flexible and open minded in the bedroom, their men would be much less likely to stray.

These are the personal thoughts of some of female escort working in Mumbai. You may visit to read thoughts of other independent or agency escorts. You may also visit where you can browse the large collection of stunning hot Mumbai escorts.

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